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    What are your support hours? It’s 2am Pacific time and I need urgent help.

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    Support hours available to you depend on the edition of HAAst you are using, whether you have an active maintenance agreement, and whether you have a 24/7 support contract:

    1. All users: Telium offers self-serve forums for users of non-commercial and commercial editions of its products. These forums are monitored by Telium support and questions are answered on a best effort basis.
    2. Maintenance Agreements: Telium offers e-mail support during business hours for users with an active maintenance agreement. Telium business hours are 9am-5pm Eastern time, Monday to Friday (except holidays). Typical response times are under an hour, and typical problem resolution is less than 30 minutes. Telium may also respond up to 11pm Eastern time on weekdays, and anytime on weekends – depending on whether an on-call support rep was already activated for a 24/7 Support Contract (and answers outstanding questions before wrapping up).
    3. 24/7 Support Contract: Telium offers 24/7 support for users who have a 24/7 support agreement in place. Support is offered by phone / skype / teamviewer / email / chat / etc, and includes rapid callback from the account manager / support lead / on-call technician (depending on time of day). Typical response times are under 20 minutes, and typical problem resolution is less than 30 minutes. Note that remote desktop connections are only for simple viewing/assistance, not complex work or complete installations.

    So if it’s 2am Pacific time and you don’t have a 24/7 support contract in place then your only course for immediate support is the online forums.

    Please note: If you are doing an installation and would like to book assistance from Telium professional services outside of normal business hours, we would be happy to work with you anytime from 8am to 2am Eastern time to perform your installation.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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