What Is AutoCommander?

AutoCommander is a suite of tools designed to make it fun and easy to hack your vehicle’s electronics.  AutoCommander is free and available for everyone to use with their vehicles.

The first AutoCommander tool released is “In-Vehicle Controller” (ACIVC).  This program runs under Linux and can monitor, capture, replay, identify bus codes, and more.  ACIVC makes it easy to learn more about your vehicle’s electronics, and identify commands/codes of interest.  ACIVC offers a telnet interface so that you can issue simple commands like “door.frontLeft.unlock” and watch the door unlock.  ACIVC also includes an API so that you can programmatically connect (using any programming language) and build applications which command the vehicle, or listen for data like “engine.rpm”.

AutoCommander is intended to be a crowdsourced initiative.  As users learn codes/commands unique to their vehicles they can be submitted back to the project, and they will be incorporated into the ACIVC tool.  Over time we will have a powerful platform to build on and customize our vehicles.