In-Vehicle Controller

The platform for all in-vehicle communications




AutoCommander In-Vehicle Controller™ (ACIVC™) is a software program which provides a universal interface to any and all electronic systems within a vehicle.  IVC can run on any Linux device (from Raspberry Pi to full Intel PC, or virtual machine) and is designed to remain in the vehicle to provide a range of services to both on-board and external apps.  ACIVC can also run on a laptop and be attached to a vehicle as needed to perform analysis and vehicle hacking.

ACIVC is a 100% software solution, and is designed to be compatible with inexpensive computing and interface hardware.  ACIVC includes drivers for inexpensive ELM327/OBDsol chips, CAN chips, and more, and can communicate with the vehicle via:

  • CAN bus (ISO 15765-4, SAE J2284, SAE J1939, and more)
  • K-Line (ISO 9141-2 and ISO 14230-4)
  • Ford/GM bus  (SAE J1850 PWM and VPW)
  • Key Word Protocol (ISO 14230-4)

ACIVC can also control/communicate with external devices including relays, sensors, switches, etc.   Communications can take place over CAN bus, RS-485/232, Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet, cell phone network, and practically any other medium.

ACIVC offers API’s to communicate with external applications via network (WiFi/Ethernet) and Bluetooth.  A simple text based API allows developers and hackers to control their vehicle from virtually any programming or scripting language.  ACIVC also offer 256-bit encryption for all communications, ensure your vehicle is secure.  Finally, IVC also offers a simple telnet interface.  The telnet interface makes it possible for even non-technical users to discover the codes necessary to listen to and control their vehicles.

ACIVC is free for all for individuals who want to hack their cars or build fun apps for themselves.  ACIVC includes a number of commercial libraries so it is not open source, but it’s still free.