Referral Program

Rewards for Individuals and Organizations





Telium’s Referral Program offers rewards to champions who promote Telium products.   The voice of satisfied customers rings loudest in the marketplace, and we are grateful for the effort that these product champions put into spreading the news about our products.  To thank our product champions we offer a financial incentive for every sale which originated with that product champion.

For corporate champions (i.e. individuals operating within the role defined by their employer) who facilitate/lead to a sale we offer complementary service hours, or maintenance agreement extensions for their organizations.  For personal champions (i.e. who spend there own time and effort, outside of their work role) who facilitate/lead to a sale we offer a finder’s fee for each sale.

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To join the Referral Program please contact your Telium account manager.  It’s up to each champion to declare if their referral reward should be directed to their corporation or to them as an individual.  Please note that all benefits from the Referral Program are confidential, and have no impact on volume discounts or other programs.