About Us

Learn about who we are and what makes us special


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide tools that make hacking your own vehicle easy, safe, and inexpensive.  Our tools will target computer savvy / car savvy individuals who have a desire to understand the inner workings of their vehicles, and who want to build unique and creative products to control, monitor, and manage their vehicles.  We will also create an environment for users to exchange knowledge about their vehicles.

Our History

Telium was formed in 2003 by software and hardware engineers with a focus on creating enterprise communication solutions.  Many of Telium’s projects bridged the automotive world, creating devices which captured in-vehicle data and relayed it to call centers.  Over time Telium expanded into the design, manufacture, and assembly of in-vehicle computing platforms and communications hardware.  A group of automotive enthusiasts at Telium (“gear heads”) created AutoCommander by leveraging the wealth of tools, libraries, and experience at Telium.

What started as a sideline initiative by these engineers has grown into it’s own product line.  Although the AutoCommander tools include proprietary software created by, or purchased by Telium, they are offered at no charge to the public for personal use.