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In Vehicle Controller

Create smart vehicle apps and hack your vehicle easily




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Hack Your Car Easily

Capture data on any vehicle bus, filter and replay codes, and search for relevant vehicle information.  IVC makes it easy to learn the inner workings of your vehicle’s electronics and control anything connected to the vehicle busses.

Laptop in car

Build Apps Quickly

IVC contains an ever growing database of vehicle codes, commands, and capabilities.  Build a vehicle-centric application quickly and easily by leveraging the power of IVC.  Even beginners can create feature rich vehicle applications with only a few lines of code.

New Features

Add Features To Your Car

By exploiting the built-in capabilities of IVC you can easily create an alarm system, OBD scanner, video recorder, phone based lock/unlock remote control, and more.  Car enthusiasts can create custom dashboards for their vehicles, bridge ECU’s from different brands, and create engine management tools unique to their vehicles.

New Features